Healthy Food Delivery Services in the UK


In these pandemic times, most people spend time at home, mostly either in self-quarantine or working remotely. While at home, it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet as one may prefer fast foods that are readily available in the fridge without even considering their nutritional value. However, there is no need not to worry as food delivery services are a key game-changer. They help ease meal preparation while also utilise healthy ingredients which will ensure that one maintains a fitness routine. However, it is vital to be alert while picking your food delivery service. Typically a search on the internet will bring results of dozens of food delivery services. To ensure that you choose a dependable Food delivery services that will offer healthy meals, look out for food delivery services reviews at review sites such as the UK collected reviews. This article also gives some of the food delivery services that offer healthy foods in the UK.

  1. Simply Cook
    This is the food delivery service to go for if you want to try global cuisines. It offers stepwise instructions in four recipe kits that help make some of your preferred meals in about 20 minutes. You can include a few items from your fridge to the sauces, spices, and herbs included in the box. With the cook box, you can create almost any healthy meal from jambalaya, Thai red prawn curry and grilled halloumi salad to mention a few.
  1. Mindful Chef
    Mindful Chef is a top-rated food delivery service that utilises only ethically sourced, 100% free-range British meat. It also offers fish that have been caught sustainably to offer nutritionist designed and fresh recipes to a client’s doorstep. They offer dishes that are healthy and easy to make. Together with the British Heart Foundation, they have partnered and introduced several recipes to ensure a healthy heart. The recipe includes Black bean bake, tomato millet dish, cod with salsa and Mexican Chicken.
  1. Restaurant Kits

This is a food delivery service that provides an entire group of restaurants on its website to pick from. These restaurants offer delicious and healthy eat at home kits such as Dirty Bones, Mac & Wild, Pizza Pilgrims, Kricket, Shoryu Ramen and Cheese Bar. Each restaurant has a variety of kits from which to choose. Each kit comes with easy to follow instructions on how to assemble and cook each meal, and therefore one doesn’t struggle.

  1. CERU
    This is a perfect food delivery service that is the best option for healthy food that doesn’t take long to get ready. With Ceru’s delivery boxes, the meal will be ready in less than 30 minutes. It offers the client the options to choose from a variety including beef fillet, vegan, chicken or lamb. Any option that you pick comes wrapped with sustainable packages. The packages have silk that can be reused as a scarf or a table cloth. Its main ingredients comprise of local products.
  1. Balance Meals
    Ingredients from balanced meals are geared to ensuring that they refuel the mind and body. It offers six diverse five-day food plans based on a persons need, their schedule and activity level. Balanced meals uses premium courier services to ensure meals reach clients on time; it also splits its clients’ orders into two, ensuring fresh deliveries. It offers a variety for almost everyone from meat-eaters, to vegans and vegetarians.
  1. Libertine
    This is a food delivery service that burger lovers should go for. It is a national Burger Award winner that delivers nationally. At just £25 you can get a delicious healthy burger. The kits from Libertine are easy to use, with the bacon already pre-cooked and all the ingredients packed individually. You are only required to grill the beef patties for very few minutes and pile each burger with Mustard, Pickled, cheese and ketchup.
  1. Planty

This is the food delivery service to pick if you are a fan of plant-based meals. Based on your choice this plant delivers 6, 8 or 10 plant-based meals on your doorstep on the date you choose. Meals from Planty are always fresh-frozen, and all that is needed is a microwave or oven to reheat, and your meal is ready. It offers a variety from Truffle Rigatoni, Wild Mushroom and BBQ Banana Blossom Burrito. At £43.20 you have a one-off purchase for six meals.

  1. Abel and Cole

Abel and Cole offer clients a range of healthy meals. Clients can order particular vegetable and fruit boxes and weekly essentials, including pastry, must have and organic essentials such as eggs and milk. One is only needed to select the ratio of veggies to fruits they need, and the fresh seasonal produce is delivered at their doorstep. Abel and Cole is environmentally conscious and only visits a location once a week, and thus it cannot provide delivery time slots.

In conclusion, while it may be hard to stick to a healthy diet while at home, with this article you don’t have to worry as it has given food delivery services that will offer you a healthy diet at the comfort of your home.

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