How to Create Robust Businesses With Clarity Ventures


Austin, Texas based Clarity Ventures has grown into one of the fastest growing Internet marketing companies in North America. The company has selected Austin as its home base. “We have made great strides in customer service, technical support and in marketing,” said Ron Halversen, CEO and co-founder. “We have also grown in size, and we believe this is an excellent fit for our company.”

In the Web Site Design & Publishing industry, Clarity Ventures has established a strategic position in helping businesses maximize their online presence. “The Internet is becoming the dominant media for advertising and marketing and the platform for managing customer relationships,” said Mr. Halversen. ” Austin is known as a key technology-hub in the Midwest, so we view it as an excellent place to do business.” Mr. Halversen continued, “We want to continue to grow and expand our clientele while also staying on top of the evolving trends within the Internet marketing industry.” Mr. Halversen also sees the Austin area as “a hub of start-ups and innovation in the print industry.”

Create robust businesses using Internet technologies

Clarity Ventures role in assisting five healthy sales organizations create robust businesses using Internet technologies. “They are able to leverage the full power of Internet technology to serve their clients,” said Mr. Halversen. “When you talk about technology, you talk about changing times, and we’ve seen that the Internet can’t be static. It continues to evolve and we believe this is a very important attribute to being successful.”

Helping clients create “sales showcases” for their companies

There are many areas in which Clarity Ventures is an expert, as an example, is in helping its clients create “sales showcases” for their companies. These presentations, or web sites, are designed to give potential customers a virtual tour of the company’s products and services. “Selling is basically creating a customer encounter, and with a Web site, you can put a face to a name, a product or even a company image,” explained Mr. Halversen. “You get more personal advertising than just a billboard or TV or even a door hanger.”

Ability to Create an Online Presence

To create robust businesses that can survive economic downturns, clients should create “skinny” online businesses and promote them aggressively online. “One of the most critical aspects of a company’s success is its ability to create an online presence,” said Mr. Halversen. “We want to create a company that is not just popular in cyberspace but in the real world.” Mr. Halversen further stated, “If you have the right blend of visibility online and a real person-to-person basis, you will have a much better chance of being successful than if you try to go it alone.”

Clarity Ventures works with clients to help them create their online presence. They also help clients manage their online presence, such as how to create a business website, how to optimize search engines for local searches, how to use PPC, and how to build email lists and sales funnel systems. They also guide their clients through the process of how to market their site to their target audience. The company has helped several hundred thousand dollars in new business, according to Mr. Halversen. The company has been in business since 1998. Clarity Ventures is based in Portland, Ore., and has fourteen offices across the United States and Canada.

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