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We are living in the age of technology, where everything happens on a computer or mobile phone. We all know the importance of phones, but do we know what we should look for when choosing a mobile phone? With all the various phones and specifications available, as well as knowing who the best phone sellers are thanks to online review sites, choosing a phone should not be a daunting task.

When choosing the best phone, there are 8 things to consider:
Tip 1: Operating Software
Operating software refers to the hardware that is installed on the phone and allows the applications and functions of the phone to run.

Tip 2: Display
This refers to the brightness of the screen, as well as the width of the viewing angle. We classify screens as AMOLED or LCD displays. A phone should be easy to hold in your hand and allow for the brightness to be adjusted to avoid excessive strain on your eyes. Knowing what you will use the phone for the most will also influence your choice in screen size and HD capabilities.

Tip 3: Battery
There is nothing worse than your battery dying while you are out and about, with no access to a charger. Opt for a phone that has a high mAh (milliamperes hour) number, as this shows the battery life of the device. Newer phones also come with fast charging abilities, which means you can charge your phone in a fraction of the time it would normally take with a regular charge.

Tip 4: Storage
With the advancement of technology, and the tremendous amount of mobile applications available, choosing a device with a larger storage capacity is a good idea. Applications and photos can take up a lot of space, and slow down the functions on your phone. You should not look at anything less than a minimum of 64GB of storage space.

Tip 5: Camera
Having a camera on your phone is convenient in capturing life’s significant moments as they happen. From taking a picture of where you parked your car in a mall parking lot to capturing a family memory, having a good camera is essential.

Tip 6: Age
Choosing an older model phone from a reputable brand will save you some money, but be aware that as applications become more powerful, you will need more memory to run them. An older device might not have the software capability to run the applications needed, and software updates and security patches might not be available for your device. Newer phones have all the latest software developments available.

Tip 7: Brand
Buying a phone from a reputable brand is always a good idea. Look at household names and popular brands. They are well-known for a reason, and can provide you with the most up-to-date technology and applications available on the market. A reputable brand will also have much fewer issues such as hardware failure, and are quick to repair any problems that you might experience with your device.

Knowing what you will use your phone for most is the most important consideration when choosing a phone. If you are more likely to use it for business, looking for a phone with digital assistants, long battery life, good calendars and email connectivity is the option for you. If you are more likely to use your phone for entertainment, factors such as display, camera, and storage would be the most important. Do as much research as you can before making your final decision.

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