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With the fitness industry booming worldwide, Muay Thai has gained renewed interest. Originating from Thailand, Muay Thai is referred to as The Art of Eight Limbs. It is essentially Thai boxing. The hands act as the sword and daggers, while the shins and forearms work as armor against blows.          In Thailand, Muay Thai fitness centers or training camps promote the sport and train the athletes in its skill. Worldwide, gyms have adopted the Muay Thai techniques in their fitness routines for strength and weight loss. The primary focus remains on building endurance through hand-to-hand combat and accomplishing desired fitness goals meanwhile. 

            Internet Marketing for Muay Thai Business 

            One of the most important aspects of running is a business is effective marketing. In today‚Äôs world, having an online presence in Business101. Without an online presence, you will be unable to attract customers from outside your locality. Since newspapers and flyers are outdated, and marketing through television expensive, the internet provides an easy, cost-free marketing space. 

Muay Thai Boxing

1)     Ensure your business appears on Google search 

Most people use Google to find the services they seek. Hence, your presence on Google will vastly increase your customer base. Follow the following steps to make your business appear on Google: 

  • Register your site with the Google Search Console. 
  • Verify your listing with Business Profile on Google. 
  • Provide up-to-date contact information 
  • Provide the correct address and easy location instructions 
  • Provide a charge sheet for your services 
  • Provide aesthetic videos or photos of your Muay Thai center 
  • Link your business to your social media account 

2)     Use Social Media 

Social media allows interactive, aesthetic opportunities to promote your business. Create a social media account and regularly update your services on it. Read up on the basics of SEO to ensure your social media page pops up on top of Google search. 

Use your social media to convey your story. People are moved by what they see on your page. So spend your money or time on your graphics. Encourage your customers to review your services. Provide a clear breakdown of everything you provide. Introduce your trainers, the types of equipment on your page. Collaborate with bloggers or fitness enthusiasts on social media, and encourage them to promote your page.  

3)     Take your earnings online 

You can use your page to earn as well. Since 2020 forced people to stay at home, all social media companies have introduced features for video conferencing and interactive meeting in their applications. You can use this to the benefit of your business.  

Learning Muay Thai directly from trainers from Thailand is a dream for so many athletes worldwide. However, the travel costs make the dream impossible for most. Now, you can provide online classes, both group and one-on-one with your trainers to a global audience. With the right marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and so on, you can bring your fitness center to the living rooms of athletes across the world. Special packages for online training can be introduced and through secure payment channels, fees for the services can be charged. For such a large scale operation, be sure to hire staff well-versed in multi-cultural, multi-lingual interactions. Suwit Muay Thai is a good Muay Thai camp in Thailand with online technology. 

You can also make videos of training and promote them through your Youtube channel. Hence, you can earn on the side from YouTube as well! 


Make the most of technology and find customers for your Muay Thai business across the world!

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